Well, I guess I'm back...

Well, I guess I'm back...

Sat Jul 25, 2015 5:26 am

It seems my FS hibernation only lasted a little over a month, the urge to get back into the cockpit is just too great but I did need this short break, now FS feels so much more pleasurable. For starters, I take it slowly, I just did a couple tests with the good ol' Fokker F27, which I intend to fly next. Did my best to fire it up as realistically as possible from cold and dead, and perform the climb out, just as realistic. I guess I did pretty good, considering I've hibernated for over a month

I've backdated my FS (mainly AI traffic) and from now on until...some point in the future, I intend to go RETRO and only fly in the 80s, this is something I've been wanting to do for about a year or so. Long time since I last flew the oldies....I even got myself a new joystick (get ready to be amazed ) to use from now on. Till I'm truly back in the air, here's a few insights into my short test flight with the Friendship; cold and dead...I mean cold and dark startup followed by departure from Debrecen, Hugary:

About to wake up the Darts

All well

I'm already engulfed by that rewarding feeling one experiences upon getting everything right on a complex simulation (such as this wonderful freeware F27 by Fraser McKay)

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