Oldies upgrade

Oldies upgrade

Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:30 am

Upgrading my Lockheed Constellation and Boeing 307 Stratoliner simulations.

It all started from a forum post on FlightSim.com, where someone asked for help on installing some panel in one of the Connie simulations available at CalClassic, simulations which I've been happily using for some years. That post made me revisit the aircraft pages on CalClassic, for some reason. That's when I noticed something which oddly enough, escaped my vigilant eye up until that point: there are multiple updates available for some of the propliner simulations residing at CalClassic, and have been available for many years. All this time, I was missing on important updates, claiming to greatly enhance the quality and realism of the propliner simulations to which they address, so I started adding those updates, specifically those addressing the Connie and the 307 Stratoliner. But it wasn't without a certain dose of headache...I did encounter some difficulties and head scratching while updating the L-1649 Starliner and the 307 Stratoliner, but with kind help from the folks at CalClassic (here and here), I eventually cracked the ice and ended up with even better simulations of both of these wonderful historical aircraft. I also wasn't aware that there was an L-049 simulation available at CalClassic that needed no extra tweaking or updates, and that was better than the one I had (same model, but with a different panel).

Basically, in the case of the 307 Stratoliner, I've added a new (for me), much improved panel to it, and also an expansion pack that comes with the panel, simulating the military version of the 307, the C-75. The Connie updates feature too many panel improvements for me to mention here, but they generally deal with all sorts of systems, such as fuel dump.

Anyways, I've performed a few test flights today with my updated flying jewels, they all purrrrr as they should. I still have a few modern-day flights to do (about 3-4) and then I shall backdate my FS (traffic and scenery) for some...proper flying...the good ol' days way. Can't wait...in the meantime, here are some screenies from today's test flights:

The good ol' Straoliner preparing to leave 1959' La Guardia

Gotta love the plane spotting of those days..........

This panel's autopilot simply refused to work at first. The solution was a few different digits in the aircraft cfg...

Taxiing the L-1649 Starliner at 1961's Paris Orly

Best damn looking damn plane of all damn times!

The panel and VC gauges of my new L-049 (of my new L-049 panel, actually) look much better than my previous L-049 simulation, which was plain wrong.

049 Connie dumping fuel. All the updated Connies have a brand new fuel dump system that is actually realistic, unlike the previous system that came with the original releases, which simulated the drop of external fuel tanks, which means the immediate loss of the dumped fuel - anything but realistic (that's how FS9 handles fuel dump). This new realistic system actually simulates the gradual dumping of fuel from specific tanks. It only works in FS9 though.

I can't believe it took me 3-4 years for me to discover these important updates.

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