Screenshot Competition (Suspended)
Flight Reports
Present us your most interesting flights through text, videos and screenshots. Tell us your stories, show us where you've been, how you landed, how bad the weather was, how breathtaking the scenery was...
The collosal world of FS Addons...This is the place to recommend, compare and talk about FS addons.
A place with 3 different FS screenshot-related games. Make sure you read the rules of each game, to learn how to play them. Just click any of the 3 games below and the first topic you'll see is the one containing the rules.
Support Forum By Simulator
This is the place to ask for help on different issues you may experience with your sim, and try to help others found in difficulty.
Simming is great! But when you and your fellow simmers are connecting your simulators through the internet and fly together...there's nothing like it...
  • New posts! Virtual Airlines
    The place for you to brag with your VA membership, compare VAs, organize flights in VAs and just talk anything VA related.
  • New posts! Plan Multiplayer Flights
    This is the place where you can get together and plan multiplayer flights either by direct connect (IP), or by using any 3d party applications you want like FSCopilot and FSInn, on any servers you want.
  • New posts! Support
    The place to ask for/offer help on multiplayer-related queries.
  • New posts! Multiplayer General Talk
    Recommend multiplayer addons, compare them, encourage people to join multies, recommend servers, compare them etc
    Last postFSK Multiplayer Session
    of Flying Shadow | datumSun Jan 05, 2014 1:20 pm

    posts: 8 • topics: 1
Flight Sim Tips And Tricks
A place for you to share all sorts and tricks for the flight sims.
  • New posts! Installation And Uninstallation
    Tips and tricks regarding the installation and uninstallation of different flight sims.
  • New posts! Stability And Bug-Free Experiences
    Tips and tricks on how to eliminate/bypass flight sim bugs, how to keep it in optimal running condition and ultimately, how to have a smooth and trouble-free FS experience.
  • New posts! Addons And Extensions
    Tips on how to install, operate, tweak, uninstall (and so on) all sorts of addons, from tiny sceneries and aircraft to stuff like LINDA and FSUIPC.
  • New posts! Eye-Candy
    Tips referring specifically to making your flight sim LOOK as beautiful and realistic as possible.
  • New posts! FS Artists
    Tips and tricks on how to take awesome screenshots and make stunning FS videos.
    Last postSome of the ways i do it
    of Lamplighter | datumFri Mar 28, 2014 1:01 pm

    posts: 1 • topics: 1
Hardware Stuff
Yokes, pedals, motherboards, RAM... NOTE: does not include home built cockpits!
  • New posts! Support
    This is the place to ask for/offer help on hardware-related issues, both with the PC itself and with the flight equipment (yoke, pedals etc).
  • New posts! Show Us Your Equipment/New Acquisitions
    This is the place to show us, through photos or videos, your equipment (yoke, pedals, pedestals, PC etc). This is also the right place to brag yourself with your latest hardware acquisitions.
    Last postMy new JOYSTICK
    of M.I.B. | datumWed Jul 29, 2015 8:02 pm

    posts: 5 • topics: 1
  • New posts! Hardware General Talk
    Recommend equipments, talk about certain products, compare multiple products, tell us why is that yoke better than the other...
    Last postTouch-screen Sim
    of M.I.B. | datumFri Nov 15, 2013 11:45 pm

    posts: 1 • topics: 1
Cockpit Builders
For those of you serious pilots who go farther than a simple set of pedals, a yoke and a couple of throttle levers...
  • New posts! Brag Yourself
    Show us your cockpit! It doesn't matter if it's a work in progress or if it doesn't look in a certain way or if it's finished...we want to see them all!
  • New posts! Support
    Ask for/offer support on home built cockpit related queries.
  • New posts! Cockpit Builders' Lounge
    Just chat about your or about someone else's cockpits. This is the place to drool over someone else' rigs...
Real-World Aviation
The real deal!
Our Hobby
We like flight simulation because we like aviation...and everything aviation-related.
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