The following is a list containing links to various flightsim-related websites, each of them dealing with various aspects of flight simulation. "Giant in the industry" type of websites which are very well known, such as, are not included as most simmers know about those, only smaller (than the giants) websites appear on this list, but ones which are more or less special by virtue of their nature/activity/products. Click on their logos/images to visit their websites:





1. DM Flight Sim 

Without a doubt one of the most exquisite simulations for FS2004, David Maltby's Classic British Jetliners really are a must-have package; especially for those of you with an inclination towards the good ol' days of aviation. If you want to see our review of these simulations, CLICK HERE.

2. Historic Jetliner Group    

HJG is a group of freeware FS aircraft developers who are focusing on old jetliners (as their name suggests), but they also offer simulations of some newer liners, like the MD-90 and B717. The group is in a category of its own, their simulations earning high marks in terms of both quality and quantity/variation. Their simulations are actively supported, receiving constant upgrades and improvements, in addition to providing support/help on their forum. It often happens that their simulations are actually more accurate then many payware counterparts. If you want to see our review on these simulations,  CLICK HERE.

3. California Classics 

This group is HJG (Historic Jetliner Group)' equivalent into the world of propliners, being devoted to old propliners that used to fly in California. They offer aircraft (old propliners) simulations, complete worldwide classic AI traffic and many backdated sceneries of various worldwide airports, as they used to look like somtime at the beginning of the 1960s.

4. Classic British Flight Sim   

Another great group of old birds simulations developers. You'll find David Maltby's simulations listed here as well. This group's simulations of old British crafts varies from helicopters to military trainers, bombers and airliners. Lots of must haves here.

5. World Of AI 

Probably the best AI Traffic packages out there, at least for FS9! The World Of AI team gathers the best looking and most frame-rate friendly models, most accurate flightplans and repaints that are available as freeware and combines them to form a plethora of very high quality AI Traffic packages for FSX and FS2004, for free! They offer an easy to use installer, so installing and uninstalling their packages into your sim (as well as many other operations) is a piece of cake. Way better than many payware AI enhancers! Highly recomended! If you want to see our review on these simulations, CLICK HERE.

6. Blue Sky Scenery 

A big collection of breathtaking freeware photorealistic VFR sceneries accross the United States. They really stand out from the crowd of freeware VFR sceneries, most of these have payware standards, and most of them are for FSX, with some also for FS2004. As they say, "Wherever you go; do your eyes a favor. Fly BlueSkyScenery!"


A website containing links to countless freeware sceneries for FS2002, FS2004 and FSX. The links are nicely organized by simulator and by country. Some links contain preview images of the sceneries.

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