FSX And FTX Global

FSX And FTX Global

Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:36 am

There some file issues in the FSX library addon scenery UI in FSX when activating Addons. I had 2 happen.

Your FTX UI control all the sudden has FSX in it and a extra 2 tabs You. very strange one most likely the whole windows x86 C thing they put in Mmmm Crap any way
reinstall Global it will fix. Also make sure you down load the "Tweak Scenery tools" for FSTweak freeware It has save scenery cfg load scenery cfg default is edit scenery this is your main list
If your FSX Addon world scenery fonts disappear like Criss Angel you can save it. you will see the orig in blue addon scenery\Hawaii PHTO if you click on the blue it takes you to the file location
click on the empty part the UI comes up only copy after the \ Hawaii_PHTO most of the time this is the case area scenery 0001 copy it past it should match the blue text to your right so you cant mess up one exception FSDream\KFLL copy remove \ Now there saying it's a rouge file maybe most likely from what I tested It's a non registered copy and paste file you put back in FSX add on make sure you rename these files dont add any of the un instal repair that come with them if you copy and paste theses store bought scenery's. With the FStweak scenery tool your scenery.cfg with your main FSX cfg same location need to paste the new one there. Also paste the same one you copied and paste it in your main FSX tree at the bottom open file area, FSTweakScenery Tool will save five cfg for you dated Example 1.tweakfs.scenery.cfg these are located on your C:\programData look for Microsoft FSX. It will also save over 5 Tweak and name them example

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  • Nyetro
    Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:41 am

    Look under general pictures of the scenery area on the site FStweak scenery tool pictures

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