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Dorel Mornea
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Date of birth
8. April 1994
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Date registered
Well hello there, and welcome to my page...in my kloud (that's the word for "cloud" in my own language). I don't usually talk about myself cuz I'm not the social kind of individual at all, quite the contrary, I'm dark, cold, nocturnal, distant, mysterious, complicated; but anyways, I'll make an exception this time.

Suffice to say, my passions/fields of interest/things I like consist of:
- astronomy, which is the most important of them all, together with all its ramifications;
- aviation (quite obviously);
- classic European art and architecture, classical music, the positive aspects of life and certain values of past eras, which I find especially comforting in our days of moral and artistic decay;
- paleontology (in my way of seeing things, this is actually a ramification of astronomy, believe it or not, as extinct species of earthly animals are nothing but forms of life on some planet in some solar system in some galaxy in some galactic cluster, somewhere in the universe);
- I'm not a fan of competition sports like football, soccer, tennis etc. But I do enjoy what I call real sport, such as bodybuilding (lite version), hiking, skydiving or simply running.
- Due to my "wild" nature (always being on the move and such), pets are not exactly suitable for me, I'm not good at taking care of other beings at all, but I do like animals and I like to spend time with the pets of others, or animals living in sanctuaries, when I get time. I'm not a dog guy, although there are a few races I like, I am however, firmly a feline addict, I love them all, big small, medium, whatever. I like to play with big cats (yep, tigers, cheetah, lynxes, bobcats and others alike...not so much with lions or cougars though) when I get the chance. My favorite species are the domestic cat (in its multitude of races and breeds) and Caracals.

When it comes to aviation, I tend to enjoy everything that flies, but I do have a soft spot for airliners, more so than for any other flying machines, as well as for the good ol' days of aviation/oldies, which might be a bit nonconformist perhaps...I mean...how many young individuals like me are passionate about old flying iron?

I'm not really that good at adapting to others' way of doing things, I try be as independent as I can and do things my own way, which is probably part of what prompted me to build this little flight sim community, according to my way of doing things in which I cordially invite you to join and...do what flight simmers do online

All the best,
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Anti-Spam: What does VFR stand for?
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Anti-Spam: Complete the sentence: Upon touchdown, the pilot puts the engines into reverse ______
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Anti-Spam: Why did the Douglas engineers not equip the DC-3 with an FMS?
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Anti-Spam: What does the VSI show you?
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Anti-Spam: What is the purpose of the HSI?
not specified
Your FS rig (PC only, full cockpit sim etc)
I like to keep it compact, so no wires no yokes, no nada, just the PC/laptop and a joystick
What Flight Simulator/s do you use?
A short history of your FS experience (when did you start simming, your first sim etc)
Can't remember...it was sometime in the 2000s, started with FS98, used it for a short while, realized it was way too obsolete (used to ask myself "is this how it's supposed to be :))) then I moved on to FS2004, started to get serious with FS and have been using FS2004 ever since.
How realistic do you sim-fly?
I usually try to stay realistic, but if I can't get a certain thing to function, I may or may not bother too much to learn how it works
What addons do you use?
REX + Overdrive, F1View, DBS Walk And Follow, Active Camera, Mouse As Yoke, HD Moon, FSWater, World Of AI, Editvoicepack, PicNic, plus a few other addons/modifications that are not publicly available, but are personal modifications done by me, combining several bits and pieces from various addons.
Your favorite real-world (not FS addon) aircraft:
TriStar, Concorde, DC-8, 757, A340, MD-11
Your favorite real-world (not FS addon) airports:
Kansai, Madeira, London City Airport, Lukla, Kai Tak, Sydney Kingsford Smith, Seattle Tacoma, Santos Dumont, Innsbruck
Your favorite airlines (place the top ones at the beginning)
Lufthansa, Wizz Air, Braniff, Tower Air
Your favorite liveries of all times (place the top ones at the beginning)
United Airlines' grey tulip paint, SBA Airlines' red coating, Braniff's all colorful liveries, Avior Airlines (all of them), Wizzair and Ecuatoriana as it was once worn by 707s...CaptainSim 707 PAX version features such a livery if it helps.
What predominates in your FS hangar?
Freeware and payware, approx. 50-50
What predominates in your addon scenery collection?
Freeware and payware, approx. 50-50
Your favorite addon sceneries:
TNCM by FlyTampa, Lukla by Aerosoft, Phuket by Thaiflight, Madeira by Aerosoft, Innsbruck by Aerosoft, Heathrow by UK2000
Your favorite addon aircraft:
Everything from David Maltby, QW 757, Eurowings BAe 146, CLS 747, PMDG MD-11, HJG 727, TinMouse 737
Are you a member of a virtual airline?
What fascinates you the most?
Old jetliners
Do you usually fly multiplayer?
How about screenshots?
I very much enjoy taking pics and I do so at almost every flight, but that doesn't mean I'm not striving to be as realistic as possible
Are you into FS videos?
I rarely make any,
Addon addiction:
I sometimes get some new goodies for my sim
Your favorite aviation quotation
You've never been lost until you've been lost at Mach 3

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      Sweet! That Westjet thirty-seven is just gorgeous. I also like that sky whale on the far right, whose beauty many people fail to see. The wooden RCAF flier also caught my attention. Thanks for sharing, Darren!

      BTW, I've got an F-4U myself:

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Dorel Mornea


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