Welcome to Flight Sim Kloud's Reviews section! Here at Flight Sim Kloud, any FS addon with at least a decent level of realism and...enjoyability, is eligible to be reviewed, but we tend to concentrate more on those FS addons which despite being relatively good, or very good, they're not receiving as much attention as they deserve. To put it in other words, I'll give a few examples of addons and say that the quality range of the addons being "hunted" by our "reviews branch" varies from addons like the vintage propliners featured at Calclassic and high end simulations like the PMDG ones, but we concentrate more on stuff like David Maltby's classic British jetliners, or some of Aerosim's simulations. By the way, we review both freeware and payware simulations!

We hope you, fellow simmers, will find our reviews helpful, enjoyable and informative in your never-ending quest for some FS goodies! Happy takeoffs!


If you want to become a reviewer for Flight Sim Kloud and have your work published on a friendly flight sim community, for other simmers to benefit from, enjoy and appreciate it, don't hesitate to contact Dorel Mornea, the admin, via PM (if you're a registered member on FSK), email (flightsimkloud@outlook.comor on facebook.com/flightsimkloud.

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