Do you enjoy Flight Sim Kloud at least a bit? If so, maybe you could sacrifice a couple of minutes to spread the word about FSK, for us, to have more simmers to socialize with, here on FSK, and for others to find out about our existence, join and enjoy this community in turn.

You can spread the word about FSK in multiple ways:

- By using the social plugins on the homepage's board statistics section (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) if you're using those platforms;
- By running naked on the street and shouting "any flightsimmer who can hear me, join Flight Sim Kloud at", you'll receive a lot of attention this way, guaranteed!
- By placing signatures that send people to Flight Sim Kloud, on your profiles on other forums, but please make sure those forums allow you to place links to other forums before you go ahead...and don't go ahead if they do not permit that. FSK offers 2 types of signatures, choose your favorite:





1) A Flight Sim Kloud card that's trying to absorb people's minds and make them join FSK, it'll look like this:

If people click on that picture, it'll take them to FSK. To use this signature, enter the following line in your signature field on the "foreign" forum you want to use it in: 







2) A png image that shows the latest created topics on FSK, it updates automatically when new topics are created, looks like this:

Again, clicking on that pic will take people to FSK. Attention! Please do not use this signature here on FSK as it places a heavy load on the servers. To use this signature, enter the following line in the signature field of the "foreign" forum you want to use it in: 




                                                    THANK YOU!

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