Hello and welcome to Flight Sim Kloud, an online community intended for flight simulation enthusiasts to gather from all around the world and catch up with each other.

I (the founder) don't know what the future holds for our community, but we prefer to remain a relatively small and rather unique place compared to the "behemoths"; and we like to think that the elements that are making our little "kloud" special are (among others):

- The friendly atmosphere that we highly encourage and also experience;

- A sense of logic that we try to maintain within the site structure and its operation as much as possible;

- A relaxed environment, where there aren't too many strict rules (apart from a few common sense rules). Each member is encouraged to contribute to the community the way/with whatever he/she desires. 

- A keen interest in partnerships with other FS communities, instead of competing with them; 

- Yes I'm, gonna mention this too An unlimitated, dedicated screenshot gallery, for you to upload and share your flight sim screenshots with your fellow flight simmers! The reason I mention this is because there seems to be very few communities with an actual gallery for screenshots, in most cases you're gonna see screenshots posted in forums, or if there are any galleries, they're not the primary way of sharing screenshots. We've also got galleries for other types of pictures, not just FS screenshots;

Simplicity! Most big, important FS communities have all sorts of special categories (latest news from the flight sim world, interviews, a "first look" report on new FS addons, a trade section where simmers can trade FS addons and so on)...FSK is not that much into these kinds of things,  FSK is meant for simple pleasures (^_^);

- Even though we believe that a smaller community can lead to members getting to know each other better hence their friendship to become stronger, even though we prefer to remain such a community, we've also love (just like any other community) to get more popular, to have more members, more content, to receive more attention, to manage to write more reviews and as comprehensive as possible...but if these features are not turning out to be present in levels as high as we'd like them to be, we won't start "whipping" members to produce more content. If we get 76766798 posts and 767264 screenshots uploaded in one week, huraay, if we only get one screenshot uploaded in one month then so be it, we won't make a fuss on that. FSK goes no where, it'll be here for you to drop content when you want/can/care to;

- Screenshot compeition! Very few FS communities seem to have such a feature these days...and those that do, are frequently suspending their contest for a while due to members temporarily loosing interest. While generally this makes sense, there must be 2-3 or more simmers who would still like to compete in FS-art during that period when the contest is suspended...but they can't...as the competition is suspended. FSK does its best never to suspend its screenshot competition no matter how many folks have participated (if any) in the contest most recently, you never know when 2 or more folks are suddenly feeling the need to "fight each other". We'd like to have a big competition, with lots of entrants and entries, but if this is not always the case, we won't stop the few folks who'd still like to have some fun competing in FS screenshots. A competition is a competition if at least 2 entrants are in. So the competition is always (hopefully) there, every month we've got a new theme, if you wanna join (highly encouraged) - PERFECT, if you're not in the mood - fine, maybe next month's theme will spark some more interest.


These being said, we encourage you to hop into our , meet other like-minded people, start sharing your flight sim screenshots (highly encouraged), telling us about your FS adventures, asking for and offering help on different FS-related issues, sharing your flight sim videos if you're into that kinda stuff, showing us your home-built cockpit, flying on multiplayer, joining the screenshot competitions (highly encouraged), writing reviews, chatting about real world aviation and....so much more, just JOIN to experience it yourself so I don't have to risk dislocating my fingers writing about it for you.

Now I'm gonna introduce you to our rules/terms of service; we almost have no rules, just a bunch of common sense ones which should be easy to follow by any normal human being.




Note:  If you cannot/don't want to abide by the following rules, you may not become a registered member of our community, and we advise you to leave it immediately! Any member caught breaking any of these rules will be either warned or directly expelled from the community without warning, depending on the  seriousness of the offense! Reporting offending members to the administrator/moderators is encouraged.

First of all, we're a civilised community, that means you MUST watch your language, this isn't Facebook or YouTube. However, we aren't saints either, so we DO allow you to "screw around" with the words so long as it's not too explicit! Offenses like these would normally lead to the offending member being warned multiple times, or once before being expelled from the community depending on the seriousness of the offense. Immediate member removal is also possible, again, depending on the seriousness of the offense.


Things like: discrimination of ANY kind (based on sex, age, social status, skin color, physical characteristics, sexual orientation, religion/beliefs, political views, general views, race, origin, nationality, health status, etc); racism; showing support for certain unlawful individuals/organizations; posting content with sexual or violent connotation or content which depicts gore; uploading or posting links to any kind of malicious software (eg viruses); threatening members in any way; harrasing members; promoting or encouraging intolerance/hatred/tension towards/between members; intimidate or discourage members in any way etc. is strictly prohibited!
Please do not use names of dictators, terrorists, terrorist organizations, mass murderers or any other unlawful individuals/organizations as your nickname, signature, personal quote and so on. This kind of offenses will usually lead to the immediate removal of the offending member without prior notice and most probably blocking his/her IP from accessing the website.


Also, being an "online democracy", we'd love to recieve your feedback and make member-pleasing amendaments to the site, when possible, but if you're disinchanted with the site regardles of the type and number of amendments we make, then by all means, you are not our hostage...if you can't find your place inside this community and if you simply don't like it, maybe it's better for everyone if you would forget about us and leave instead of just fanning the flames.


Please remember, be careful with that "washing the dirty laundry in public" thingie, Flight Sim Kloud has zero tolerance for promoting/maintaining a tensed atmosphere between members! FSK cannot, of course, decide what kind of relationship to exist between any 2 or more persons, but if you ever feel the need to "fight a war of words" then by all means DO SO but NOT in public on FSK (PM, email...you've got enough options). I (the admin) will not burn my neurons on things like that, so I can't guarantee too many warnings before removing a "lit up" member!



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