Landing at Kahului

Landing at Kahului

Mon Sep 23, 2013 2:30 pm

Landing at Kahului
On a beautiful summer afternoon we began our flight on a Boeing 767 to Kahului, Maui, Hawaii.
My wife, who gets sick at the drop of a hat when aboard any type of conveyance, decided she would get anti-dizzyness patches from our doctor. When we boarded she immediately took the window seat, which was odd for her. I prefer the window seat myself, but I didn't begrudge her. She would experience one of the neatest views aboard an aircraft! Surprisingly she stuck for the entire 3000 mile journey! No dizzyness. Good for her.
When we were on approach the pilot came on the intercom.
"This is your pilot. It is a common occurence in the afternoon in Hawaii that we experience a goodly amount of turbulence. The winds sometimes exceed 40 knots, so you can expect a rather rough landing. Just thought I'd warn ya. Make sure your seatbelts are fastened. Thank you."
Looking past my wife, lol, I could see the flaps come down and it wasn't long before the great volcano Halehakala appeared off our left wing. I could see the end of the runway and feel the aircraft correcting for the turbulence. A lot of runway flashed by...too much I thought...and then a sudden furious jolt and immediate full braking. We were thrown violently into our seat belt harnesses! It seemed as though we were experiencing a full-fledged PANIC STOP! After what felt like too much time, the aircraft slowed and turned into the taxiway.
I looked at my wife and she said, "Wow, was that ever neat!" I can truly attest that those PATCHES really work!

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