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Here's how our Picture Gallery works;
On the main page of the Gallery we've got 4 main albums, "Screenshots", "Screenshot Competition" "Aviation Photography" and "General", each of them with its own purpose. Except for the album labeled "Screenshot Competition" all the other 3 main albums are working as follows:
At the top of the main page of each of these 3 main albums, you'll see a grid of 20 pictures with the option to scroll through multiple pages of images - that means 20 pics per page...pretty simple so far. The pictures are sorted by date - newest first. Underneath these pictures, you'll see a list of albums which can grow very long depending on the number of albums, as the albums are not shown in pages. The albums are also sorted by date - newest first. Unfortunately, we cannot sort them by activity (albums which contain the newest pictures to be shown on top), however, you CAN view the most recently uploaded pictures from the entire picture gallery, by going to its main page; there, on the upper right corner is a button labeled "latest uploads". Click on it and it will show you all the images from the Picture Gallery, in pages, with the most recently uploaded ones on top. Another way to identify the most recently uploaded pictures is this: If new pictures have been uploaded since your last visit, the name of those new pictures will be shown in red. Also, the albums containing new pictures will have "New Pictures:" written with red, to the left of their name.
Now, when you want to upload pictures inside any of these 3 albums, you've got 2 options: you can either upload the pics directly inside the album, on its main page...or you can create your own albums inside any of these 3 albums and upload your pics inside your newly created albums. Note that you can create countless subalbums of your albums. Here comes the interesting part: All the pictures which can bee seen on the main page of each of these 3 main albums, have been uploaded directly on the main page of the album, and the pictures which are uploaded inside your own albums (found inside any of these 3 main albums) WILL NOT be shown on the main page of the main albums. For instance if you upload a bunch of pics directly inside "Screenshots" they will be shown on the main page of "Screenshots", but if you create an album inside "Screenshots" and upload your pics inside that new album, the pics will NOT be visible on the main page of "Screenshots". To cut it short, every existing album or subalbum in the Picture Gallery will only show you (on its main page) the pictures that have been uploaded directly inside it, not inside its subalbums, those pictures can only be seen by accessing the albums that contain them.

When you create a new album, you've got an option, a checkbox labeled "Don't allow other users to upload pictures to this album". If you want your new album to be a public one (let other members upload pictures inside it), don't tick the checkbox, but if you want your album to be a private one (only you can upload pics inside it) then please be sure to tick that checkbox.

Each comment box of each picture from the gallery, has a checkbox labeled "Kommentare abonnieren" attached to it. If you add a comment to a picture and you have that checkbox ticked, you will be notified of any new comments to that particular image. In other words, that checkbox allows you to subscribe to new comments.

In respect to the album labeled "Screenshot Competition" and the way it works, check our screenshot contest here.

Should you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me via PM, I'll help you out as sson as possible!

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