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I guess we're all (yeah, even cold hearted MIB Agents like me) more or less influenced by this thing called MUSIC. Depending in which state of mind one is at a given moment , depending on how one wants to transform that state of mind (angry --> calm; vice-versa etc), depending on....many other factors, music is probably the second food to us...I mean..to you, human beings. So I propose we all share our favorite tracks HERE. Any year, any genre, anything...tho I wouldn't encourage sharing any tracks featuring s**t, like very explicit bad language, hatred/discrimination and so on.
Happy lis'nin!

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One of the most haunting songs of WWII by Dame Vera Lynn.

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Since it's the most wonderful time of the year, here's just a veeeery small number of Christmas songs I like, some are very well known. Follow along and share your favorites

Here's a very shaky, Dutch Christmas song

Nothing can replace the good ol' ones! Old is gold...truly applies in this case...

I could go on for ever with this list of oldies goldies...

It probably has something to do with my "love" [NOT] for Rrrromania, but I almost never listen to Romanian Christmas songs anymore...howEVER, I happen to like this one, says something about millions of children on the street, stores full of toys, Santa Claws and...others

Here's a rather funny one

I LIKE this one, superb voices and background...orchestra

Silent Night in Portuguese and German

That's it for now, now you you share some

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I kinda like anything to do with guitars, everything from slow blues, rock, country. My guitar player of the moment is Joe Bonamassa specially when he gigs with Beth Hart

You may remember this one, i'm not usually a fan of remakes but when there done like this, wow factor. Done the old fashioned way, all in the studio, no overdubbing, hear it as it comes

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I for one am stunned of how different/diverse guitar and accordion songs can be, and how numerous those....diversities are. Some of my most favorite songs are based (if I may say so) on accordion, and some of the songs I dislike the most (Romanian crappy songs full of opulence and stupidity, otherwise known as manele, though they're not the only ones) are also accompanied by accordion . The first thought that comes to my mind when I think about any of those 2 instruments, is "Brazilian music". I like the guitar too, but the accordion blows my mind when properly played.

More guitar:

More accordion:

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Was not sure if to put this in the comedy section ? Should bring a smile if you ain't seen it before

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This one blends an old, grandiose style with a modern, sporty one in a way I would not have thought possible had I not heard this song:

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