#1 Aeroproyecto/Edgar Guinart Sukhoi Superjet 100 V 2.0 released by M.I.B. 04.01.2018 18:28


I've just noticed Edgar Guinart from Aeroproyecto released a brand new, improved version of his Sukhoi Superjet simulation, right on Christmas Day, on Avsim. I made a quick comparison between this new version and the first one, V 1.0, released in 2013, and the improvements are quite easy to remark. Fun fact - there has been an intermediary version (1.1) released in 2014 of which I knew nothing about.

Edgar's first version of this simulation had a very limited amount of actual realism/accuracy implemented in it due to lack of data about the systems of the real aircraft, but despite that, it was still a joy to fly, and to look at, with plenty of functional and well arranged subsystems to play with. The description of his second version (V 1.1) says it features many improvements compared to the first one, and I suppose this latest version builds upon that second release. All in all, a free, wonderful little jet that has been a pleasure to fly so far, is now even better, so go ahead, try it out! Click here to grab it form Flightsim.com or click right here to get it from Avsim.

#2 RE: Aeroproyecto/Edgar Guinart Sukhoi Superjet 100 V 2.0 released by darrenvox 06.01.2018 20:07


When I'm not flying I'll download it

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