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These days we're living right now, are weird, strange and unstable days in the world of flight simulation, and they'll go down in history like so. These are days when Hippygator, a notorious swamp based lizard, bumblebee-only flier, turns to the heavy-IFR side of the force, while my own self, a convinced sky beast tamer....turns to the light-VFR side.

I was browsing these days through screenshots on various FS themed groups on Facebook, and I found one particular screenshot that got my attention. It was taken in FS2004, and it looked pretty good...some valleys and mountains present. I left an appreciation comment for its author, while also letting him know that I'm always hunting for VFR sceneries for FS9. He asked me if I have one particular freeware scenery for FS that's really good, "Glacier Bay" by Holger Sandmann. I've never heard of it, so I rushed to look it up on FlightSim.com, found it, downloaded it, installed it. Comes with an automatic installer, and eve a configurator. And I have to say....it's not bad at all.

So I fired up my relatively newly acquired Carenado C185F Skywagon (which I LUV) for a roughly 83 mile VFR cargo flight from one end of this scenery to the other, from RAWL to some plateau, close to some river. And the views were a special treat for the eye.

Getting the wagon ready, at RAWL. I had the task of transporting some mysterious boxes to the other end of the mountain chain. The surrounding view from this airport is just fantastic, packed with mountains, trees, snowy peaks...

Speeding towards he destination. Gotta love that frozen water...

Leaving vegetation behind, snow all the way

Vegetation again. Everything looks pretty sharp...

The scenery comes with several flights to choose from, complete with weather themes. One such wx theme is the one I selected for this flight, a tasty looking fog, plenty of cloudy fronts and a nasty wind packed with turbulences, that shook the heck out of me and kept me busy the whole flight. And of course, COLD all the way, just the way I like it, no better environment for cold hearted freaks like me to thrive unimpeded

Some valleys were so good looking I almost gave in and dived for a close up

I often got close to the peaks for a closer peek...

The wagon loves snow, you can see it smiling...

Those ice floes down there looked so good to my eyes, that I actually DID gave in and dived for a closer inspection

Since I was already overflying the floes by the time I decided to descend to them, I made a 360 degree turn as I dived to reach them

Departing ice floes.....

Approaching the destination airpo...the destination airstri...the destination plateau...

Reached destination, on the banks of some swamp. When we took off, we were told to just unload the boxes and leave them on the banks of the swamp, the receiver, who lives in the swamp, will get them after we leave....and we were told one more thing, NO FURTHER QUESTIONS! I wonder....

More pics from this flight here, here and here.

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Hey, thanks fer leaving off my junk at the edge of the swamp, varmint. My knurly agents will be pickin' 'em up soon.

In the meantime keep those supplies comin' cause we need a lot of 'em! Luv the scenery. Gonna fire up my 185 and try it out. The Gator still enjoys Alaska and the beautiful scenery, be it real or contrived and I was overjoyed to see a few really well-done third party Alaskan scenery for both FS9 and FSX.

Great set, my friend!

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Hehe, thank you for appreciations! Have you used this scenery before?
Btw, I have removed your quote (you quoting me, in your reply), as it doubled the number (already high) of images per page. If you want it back, just lemme know, noooobody wants to upset the gat;or

#4 RE: Glacier Bay, Alaska - me going light, while Hippygator goes heavy by Hippygator 30.01.2015 14:32


Hey yeah! The scenery really does look good! I am downloading it as I speak...er, type. Will try it this afternoon. Thanks for the tip! Sorry for the long quote. Ya gotta realize...I''m OLD! My brain is gettin' KNURLY just like my skin! No I haven't seen this scenery before. I do have USA Extreme Landscapes for FS9 which has a whole disk devoted to Alaskan scenery which make FS9 as good as or better than FSX. Now with my new PC I can use this new scenery without restriction...hopefully.

#5 RE: Glacier Bay, Alaska - me going light, while Hippygator goes heavy by M.I.B. 02.02.2015 00:51


Oh, oh, forgot to mention, we wanna see sum' screenies when and if you try this goodie out.

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