#1 REX Soft Clouds...seriously... by M.I.B. 16.01.2015 21:27


So what's with those fancy new "soft clouds" many simmers have been talking about lately?

I do need to stress that I do not own FSX nor P3D, so I cannot test REX' latest goodie myself, "REX Soft Clouds", but from the screenshots and videos I see, it seems to me that I can get far more stunning clouds and haze with REX in my FS9. I understand REX Soft Clouds is better 'cuz it features "volumetric-like soft cloud textures" and "gives a true volumetric feel to your flight simulator clouds"...whatever that means. Translated in plain English, I guess it's safe to say they're supposed to look better/more realistic. Now I repeat, I do not own FSX nor P3D to be able to test them myself, but even if I did own any of those sims...I personally wouldn't buy this stuff, not after seeing the screenshots and videos of them that I've seen. I don't wanna be an and launch foolish critics, I'm just trying to be honest just as I would be when writing a review, and honestly...I struggled really hard to find that mysterious element that makes these "soft clouds" so much better looking than the "non-soft" ones...and I've failed miserably in my attempt at finding that element.

I admit there appears to be something special about the clouds/haze in the following pic (where REX Soft Clouds is present), but I've seen similar stuff and I'm not sure how much better these soft cloud are compared to what I've seen before.

As for the other soft clouds screenies I've seen...I really can't see the magic.....they apparently are no match for my REX equipped FS9. Just a few examples:

And it appears I'm not the only one not seeing any big improvement brought by these soft clouds. Even some people who tested them themselves are having a tough time trying to find any improvements. I found a few such opinions in comments on a REX Soft Clouds review on FlightSim.com. Here's what people had to say:

But then again, others who claim to have tested the soft cloudies are super happy with them. I don't know...maybe I'm missing something, but even if there is a difference between the soft ones and "non-soft" ones...I'd say it cannot be a major one.....just my 2 eurocents.

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