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G'day folks,
I've just retired the Entertainment section, not because I didn't like it, but because I found a way better setup to run those games; it appears the usual forums offer a lot more functionality and are better suited for those 3 games, the previous setup was just too complicated and kinda limited too. It's hard to explain everything, especially after hours and hour of work which took their toll on me but the usual forums just seem to be better suited for those games, so (I repeat) I've retired the old Entertainment section and relaunched it in the form of the Games forum. The games are basically the same. The first topic in each game forum is pinned (sticky) and it contains the rules of each game. All of them start with "How to play" followed by the name of the game. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask in the help forum here. Hope you'll find them fun to play, btw, I've already started Screnshot Chain by submitting a random FS screenshot. Now you should submit one that has something in common with mine, and then another one that has something in common with the second one that was submitted as a response to mine and so on....hope to see you all on the playground too...

Heaven Ice Day

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