#1 November 2014 - Metropolis at night (VERDICT) by M.I.B. 01.12.2014 14:08


Thank you Hippy and Darren for taking up this month's challenge! Now...one shot presented me almost precisely what I wanted to see, clearly visible distinct buildings, modern, grand ones, very nicely illuminated in the night, buzzing with activity around them (a metropolis) and I can't help but notice, pictured form a very good angle. The only "problem" is that.....I would've preferred to see the "core" of the metropolis, some skyscrapers, bridges, casinos...seen from a not-so-high altitude instead of just the airport alone.

The other pic presented me a beautiful blanket of light stretched over a metropolis which you can tell it's buzzing, viewed from the cozy cockpit of a copter. Just what I wanted to see....if only the copter had flown lower, so I can see the infrastructure in greater detail.

At this point I found myself in a dilemma, should I pick the one that shows the metropolis itself, but from way above, or should I pick the one that shows pretty much what I wanted to see except that it is limited to the airport? In the end, I came to the conclusion that the airport is still part of the mighty metropolis, it shows the buzzing night life of the metropolis (part of it at least) and...it was a looky pic, while the other one was just too high and not detailed enough, so.....I shall declare Darren's entry to be the winner of this contest! Congrats Darren, well done!

#2 RE: November 2014 - Metropolis at night (VERDICT) by Hippygator 03.12.2014 21:12


Well I never! Can't trust that rascally varmint to vote for ME everytime. He must have a mind of his OWN! Drat! Ok the Gator has had his tantrum and has calmed down. Congratulations on a beautiful pic Darren! You deserve to win BIGTIME!

#3 RE: November 2014 - Metropolis at night (VERDICT) by M.I.B. 04.12.2014 00:18


Hey that's what we do, we annoy people.

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