#1 Just upgraded my Fokkers by M.I.B. 04.11.2014 20:53


Didn't get a totally new simulation, but rather an upgrade; talking about the Project Fokker 100/70 that I've been using for a long time. I somehow hadn't been aware that there is a bunch of upgrades available for this simulation, namely version 3 (I think it's called) which adds CAT III autoland capability and a brand new panel with a lot more realistic gauges. When I applied the new panel, It turned out I had to tweak things to make everything work properly, as the new panel isn't really...complete. But the end result is a very, very beautiful and realistic Fokker simulation for FS2004. Just drop me a PM if you don't have it and you want it ready to fly

Some test flights:

Departing LOWI

The new PFD and ND of the new panel, (which is a separate download from the original upgrade by Project Fokker) are so much more realistic. Here's the old panel (that comes with version 2, the one that I've been using till now) for comparison.

The improved panel also adds some amazing wingviews

CAT III autoland engaged

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know anything about these upgrades for these simulations, knowing I'm a heavy metal lover

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