#1 FlightSim.com' screenshots gallery by M.I.B. 30.09.2014 02:11


I guess there's no need to introduce FlightSim.com to you; now I don't know about you, but I at least, haven't been aware of their new wonderful and major feature till now, and it's been around for about a month...

Ya know..I've always considered a screenshots gallery (not forum posts and threads) to be one of the most important features an FS community should have, a very basic one, and it's important for that gallery to be the primary way of sharing screenshots in that community. Yet it appears few FS communities are equipped with such a thing. This is part of what got me hooked instantly on the old Flight Simulator Network (for those of you who are familiar with it).

FlightSim.com, which is a great FS community, hasn't had such a gallery....till now. Meet their new gallery (if you haven't already) HERE, I've tried it and I like it! Luv the album system, the way you can easily follow one's entire collection of screenies etc. What's even more amazing is that screenshots being submitted/uploaded in forum posts are also visible in the gallery, same applies for screenies that have been submitted in forum posts over the years. Haven't checked too many screenies from the gallery to see how much appreciation they get (in the forums they do get tons of appreciation), but...it's FlightSim.com...a giant in the industry so...

I've submitted 11 pics myself of my AeroLogic 777F flight, got some kudos already I recommend that place wholeheartedly, same goes for FlightSim.com as a whole (even though FSK and FSK' gallery are so much more elegant ).

But dontcha dare to forget about FSK and never come back, cuz I'll hunt you down

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