#1 FSK' 1st anniversary by M.I.B. 20.09.2014 10:23


World History:

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Well...here we are, one year since I've launched this fluffy cloud. One year since the waters started to agitate over at Flight Simulator Network, my other beloved FS community of which I've been a member for a bunch of years, letting me and many other of its members with the feeling that things are no longer like they used to be. FSN fortunately survived, but there was less activity and less active members from that point on, others have navigated to Flight Simulation Nation, others have gone to other communities, others have kinda quit using social FS networks...and I...I didn't know what to do, I had joined some other communities while remaining a member of FSN trying to find some balance, but that warm feeling of being "home" and interacting with my good ol' pals was so much weaker, I wanted to step down for good at some point, and just keep some of my closest buddies' emails. Then a "radical" thought swept my mind, followed by a I was thinking "what if I'd create my own community?!". Then I realized it was a crazy idea and went on with my daily business, forgetting about all this radical idea of me having my own FS place. Then, after a few days, still not finding a comfortable enough place in the world of FS communities, I said to myself "the heck with it, let's see what I can find" and the next second I found myself standing with my laptop on my lap hitting Google like crazy with all sorts of keywords such as "free forum", "free picture gallery forum", "build your own forum". I came across countless of forum hosts, mostly offering only a loosy forum with nothing else...then..I hit the jackpot, I found Xobor, this wonderful host that offered a pretty good looking layout for my new forum, an unlimited gallery for pictures (couldn't believe this) along with many other extras, all for FREE. That's when I knew I just HAD to create something. So on the 20th of September 2013, I performed the magic click that launched this forum. Then I started tweaking and scratching my head and tweaking again till I eventually got a pretty satisfactory forum (by me) in all aspects. When I realized it's going pretty well, I was thinking "OK, I kinda like this thing, this is what I may call home from now on, this is where I'll post my screenshots, my FS adventures, my FS tweaks and so on..." but at the same time I imagined that this was more likely going to serve as some sort of a personal blog for me, rather than a real forum, as no one would actually be interested to join, but, the door was to be kept open at all times. Next thing I knew, friendly simmers started landing on my new-born little kloud, their activity varied greatly as time passed, but over time...even though FSK hadn't become a "mainline" community, I had personally witnessed enough of this place neatly evolving for me to lay my anchor here. We're small, we're few, but we're here, we've got some features almost (?) no other FS community has, like an unlimited dedicated gallery for screenshots (I know I keep saying this), members seem to keep returning to this place, it's quite comfy, so FSK was to be a keeper.

Over the course of one year, I'd say there's been pretty much stuff happening in this kloud for such a pee-wee; we've exchanged lots of beautiful screenshots, some FS adventures, real-life aviation stuff too, every-day off-topic stuff as well, we've had some screenshot competitions, I started writing some rusty reviews and am still writing when I got time, I've launched a file library intended to collect a bunch of good but not very popular FS addons..but I was soon to realize it was useless, so I took it down , we've had our "livery" changed, we switched from a "stormy look" to a more cozy "dusky look"........

I want this place to grow, the more the better, no trace of doubt about that! But then again, I'm in no way popularity/size/caliber-addicted, so I wanna stress this...I'm very happy with what we've got here and am very pleased with everything we've all contributed so far, so long as there are at least 2 simmers wasting their time here , for FSK that means it's successful!

So a big and sincere THANK YOU goes out from me, da boss , to all members of this community for making it the tiny, friendly place it has become and for continuing still, to make stopovers in this kloud now and then and drop a pic, a flight report, some help, a comment or any other type of content despite knowing that herds of simmers ain't gonna admire your contribution here. Thank you fellas, keep it up!

Now let me bring into discussion the thing that surprised me the most over our 1 year history - the fact that Drzewiecki Design has accepted to sponsor this pee-wee on its 1st anniversary by offering any of their marvelous sceneries as a prize for its anniversary screenshot competition. That's a calendar-worthy event By the way, join the competition if you haven't already, and get one of those jewels!

#2 RE: FSK' 1st anniversary by Hippygator 05.12.2017 22:49


Congrats Dorel! Perhaps you don't know but I have been on your site more than you realize. It's a funny thing and an unexplainable thing but I have been simming less and less lately and thinking, "Well I don't want to wear FSX out....it's my best sim. So I will lay off for a while". sort of thing. But I think of you often, wondering what my young friend is doing and how he is faring. Keep up the good work here! I know it is your passion. Wishing you the very merriest of Christmases and the best of luck in the new year.

Regards, GAtor

#3 RE: FSK' 1st anniversary by darrenvox 05.12.2017 22:58


Congrats on 4-5 years so far dorel.

#4 RE: FSK' 1st anniversary by M.I.B. 06.12.2017 01:25


Thank you very much indeed, my friends! Considering the fact that this forum hasn't climbed to "flight level full-blown-FS-community" by now, I normally should've ditched it, and maybe recommend other fine FS forums to its members. But like I often said in the past, you can never know what's ahead, who knows when a bunch of simmers will find this place cozy and stable enough to call it their new home, (it almost happened before), so I'll leave it airborne. Besides, what do I have to lose? Regarding simming itself - I too have eased up on simming quite a lot. Mind you, I haven't quit simming, it's just that I rarely get to feel the virtual breeze rushing above and below my equally virtual wings, due to several reasons, such as real life tasks which take time and effort, and simply a need for more relaxation and enjoyment of other things I like, away from the hassle and intense concentration associated with tweaking or even using FS (the way I use it at least). All this also results in my reduced presence on FS forums. It's funny, because I've just come across another fellow simmer's farewell "speech" over at HJG (here), and while I do not give up simming, I can actually relate to many of the reasons he blames for his divorce from FS in his video. Also, as he says, it's mostly simmers of a respectable age who tend to need either a break or a retirement from FS, or just to ease off. Here too, I am an exotic bastard. But yes, my passion for flight simulation (as a branch of my passion for aviation) is as strong as always, and I'm just as fascinated and delighted as ever before when I trick my senses into thinking I'm manning all those wonderful flying machines, in those breathtaking virtual skies, above that pretty virtual landscape. Every time I fire up the sim after some time off, I relive that joy I first experienced in my first days of simming, I remember being so mesmerized that there actually is such a piece of software that's not a simple, boring game, but an actual home flight simulator that's so easy to use, and supported by so many varied addons. Concurrently, I want to thank all of you who keep popping in every now and then and drop a few screenies, a nice thought or whatever else you feel like dropping. @Hippygator Believe it or not, I've been thinking of you too and hoping you're doing fine, despite not corresponding as of late. I've been through quite a few hassle with my job, or jobs rather, trying to find the right place. I've had a lot on my head, but I haven't forgot you, dear vice-grandpa! That's not say I couldn't or shouldn't have corresponded more, I just don't want to bother you too much.

As a matter of fact, I'm in the process of comparing, looking for, and acquiring exterior Christmas lights and power cables for what is to hopefully become the most extensive and spectacular exterior Christmas lights show I've ever put up. And also the grandest in my area. I am still planning and designing the whole thing. It has become a bit of a competition among a few of us neighbors over here, but so far, no one is quite as crazy as myself. May you and your loved ones also enjoy a wonderful Christmas time, and a joyful 2018!

#5 RE: FSK' 1st anniversary by Hippygator 06.12.2017 02:26


Thank you sir! And you could never bother me too much, hee, hee. But I know what it's like to find your niche in the real world. I went though several jobs before I found one that made me comfortable enough to settle in. Hey! Hope you get lots of cool presents! The Gator is going to enjoy playing with his toys, that's for sure![

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