#1 New F-27 with VC by M.I.B. 10.09.2014 01:09


I just came across the new F-27 which now features a VC over at Calclassic. Original model by Mike Stone, modified by Tom Gibson and Bernward Bockheim, who also added the new Virtual Cockpit.

I always support and appreciate any work of any FS developer, especially in the field of oldies, and this case is no exception..howEVER...personally, I prefer to stay with Fraser McKay' F27 (original model by Mike Stone as well), because although it doesn't have a VC, its panel seems much much more in depth and realistic than Tom Gibson's variant, whose VC isn't that "professional" if I may say so, it has too many default/default looking gauges. But that again, Tom Gibson and Bernward Bockheim's model incorporates several improvements, such as, quote "It also has a reshaped vertical tail, improved nacelle shape and main gear retraction sequence", and the FDE is good too. Well...if you're into F27s, just try 'em both and decide upon one.

P.S.: Fraser McKay has simulated the original Fokker F27 as well as the Fairchild F-27 and Fairchild FH-227...it's a very rich and realistic package, everything's crystal clear, I don't get to mess them up, whereas in Tom Gibson's case, I'm not sure who's who..I think he (and his colleagues) only modeled the Fairchild actually (especially since it's called "F-27", the designation given to the Fairchild birds, instead of "F27", the name the Fokkers bear).... Here are a couple of pix comparing the VC of the F-27 at Calclassic to Fraser McKay's F27:

Tom Gibson and Bernward Bockheim's F-27:

Fraser McKay's F27:

PPS: If you're interested in any of Fraser McKay's simulations of this airframe (F27, F-27, FH-227) and you're too lazy to search for them all over the place, drop me a PM, I have 'em all nicely archived and organized, ready for manual installation (a RIP if I may say so).

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