#1 FSK Library retired by M.I.B. 28.08.2014 23:22


G'day pilots,
When I made the decision to create the library, I was thinking of bringing together a bunch of good addons (or as I often say, good, but not as popular as they should be) in one place...but even though I'd still love to have a place full of needed/nice, but not very popular addons for people to download, I recently realized this project doesn't have any real justification; it requires a lot of work (apart from actually adding them to the library: searching for the perfect addons over countless tiny and unpopular sources, trying to contact the author, updating them when/if new versions are available etc), and many such addons have their dedicated websites where you can go get them (such as David Maltby's classic British jets), and then...if any of us finds/knows of such addons, or any other addon we really like, there's a perfectly "functional" forum for us to recommend them to each other, the "Addons" forum, so the library simply doesn't justify its existence, hence, I've retired it!

The only thing that'll make me reinstate it, is a freeware developer or a team of freeware developers that choose us to be their addons' host. Till then, consider the "Addons" forum the proper place to list any goodies you think we should know about, aaand...happy flights!

#2 RE: FSK Library retired by Hippygator 28.08.2014 23:27


Well ok boss, hee, hee.

#3 RE: FSK Library retired by M.I.B. 28.08.2014 23:58


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