#1 Virtualcol Saab propliners released by M.I.B. 04.08.2014 12:29


Everybody's super delighted when a new, high end simulation becomes available, [no wonder] but TBH, I'm just as happy to see new simulations of aircraft that have been left out by the major developers, being released, even though these are far from being as detailed as the ones coming from the behemoths. The new Saab propliners (340 and 2000) from Virtualcol are just that - a very welcome package simulating 2 beautiful birds that have so far been ignored, at least by the payware developers. They nicely join the other propliners in Virtualcol's catalogue, AAAND...they're available for FS2004 too!!! I don't know about you, but I might make my wallet loose some weight soon!

FSX&P3D version
FS2004 version

#2 RE: Virtualcol Saab propliners released by M.I.B. 06.08.2014 15:21


As a matter of fact I'm curious to see how these (FS9) Virtualcol Saabs compare in terms of system depth to Aerosim's Saab 340...which I own. They're both light simulations but still...interesting to see which one of these lighties is the heaviest

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