#1 FSX vs Prepar3D by Hippygator 23.09.2013 16:56


I would like to see a comparision between FSX and Prepar3D. I know that 3D is much more expensive and I am wondering if it is worth the money to go for 3D? I appreciate any input on this subject. Thanks.

#2 RE: FSX vs Prepar3D by oleandreasen 27.09.2013 12:05


I have the P3D academic license - and it cost me $50. Its worth it - and STILL, I havent taken the final jump. BUT it seems that P3D 2.0 is coming out before Christmas, and with implementation of DirectX 11, and tons of updated features - it looks like the time for me and a LOT of other people, from what I hear, to take the leap to an active developed FSX.

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