#1 You wanna buy it? by Scott 13.04.2014 08:54

Hi Guys!
Possessing nearly every aircraft that is on the market,(yes I am that stupid)I can give you the following advice
Whatever aircraft (except military ones) you wanna buy,gimme a shout before,and I will tell
you whether it is worth the money, or not.



#2 RE: You wanna buy it? by M.I.B. 13.04.2014 12:55


If you continue to call such valuable FSK members stupid, I'm gonna have to take care of you mister, so WATCHIT!
All I can do is to shout a sincere THANK YOU for being kind enough to provide such support on this community!!
PS, congrats for being the leader of such a mighty FS addon battalion! I'm gonna pin these 2 posts! Thanks again!

#3 RE: You wanna buy it? by Scott 13.04.2014 13:54

You're always welcome,Dorel

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