Survey: Which layout/theme do you prefer?

Answers Percentage of votes Votes
I prefer the ORIGINAL, dark theme 0% 0
I prefer the NEW theme 100% 5

Votes: 5
#1 Website revamp by M.I.B. 26.03.2014 01:50


G'day folks
These days I was screwing around the administration panel's colors and themes, for no reason..and I started....screwing around with all sorts of color combinations, none of them seemed more looky than the acting gray-blue theme....until I remembered the colors of my profile on FSN, back on Ning and started to reproduce them here, more or less. Now I think these new colors don't look that bad after all (MY personal opinion) but that doesn't mean I favor them over the gray-blue theme, or the gray-blu theme over these ones.

At the beginning, I chose that dark theme because I considered (and still do) it to be elegant, imposing and...I'm dark too so.. but now I'm not so sure it's cozy enough, and I remember I (for one) felt really cozy back on my FSN Ning profile. So I temporarily applied this chocolatistic theme, (a combination of brown, yellow and some orange) which I consider to be elegant, more friendly and a lot more cozy (after all, that's how FSK should be in the first place, when it comes to design/theme). Should this one stay, or should we go back to the dark one? Couldn't decide by myself, so I guess it's just right to ask you, the members your opinion, so please join and vote (above this post) your favorite and remember, THERE'S NO WRONG ANSWER! Thank you!

Just a few pics of the original theme to...maybe help you decide:

PS, we're gonna change the logo too

#2 RE: Website revamp by M.I.B. 28.03.2014 00:28


OK by this time it's pretty sure we're staying with the new design, much better! BTW, how do u guys like the new logo? It was custom-made by Agents of Value at my request, I've contributed to the colors, does it looks like a ?

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