#1 These (tragic) days in aviation history... by M.I.B. 04.03.2014 22:03


48 years ago (as of 2014), 5 tragic air crashes in Japan in one year, 3 of them taking place in only a month, 2 of them less than 24 hours apart, the second one taxiing past the smoking remains of the previous one, just to get itself disintegrated in mid air moments after takeoff....unbelievably sad...

Wiki article (check the section "cluster of crashes in Japan").

This is a picture that appeared on news. It shows the wreckage of the Canadian Pacific DC-8, that had crashed a few hours ago, and the BOAC 707 taxiing for takeoff past the remains of the DC-8...which will have crashed shortly after takeoff, no survivors.

#2 RE: These (tragic) days in aviation history... by Hippygator 05.03.2014 20:26


Good grief! Thats terrible!

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