#1 NLS A380 for FS9 by M.I.B. 09.02.2014 13:53


The A380 addicts know there is no such thing as an acceptably good A380 simulation for FS yet. Wilco looks truly awful and the systems are far from being acceptably realistic, Overland looks good but it's very basic and you can't buy it separately, Project Airbus looks stunning both in and out but the systems are very limited and the ones that exist don't really work (AP), then there are a bunch of other A380s that have popped up like mushrooms do after a healthy dose of showers, like AFS and such. Many folks, including developers, have said the A380 is an extremely complex machine and thus is very difficult to model in FS...that's a pity, as the A380 instantly became a legend when it was launched.

Now there is this developer called Next Level Simulations (NLS) who's A380 project for FSX and P3D looks very promising. This is not news..what is (GOOD) news is that NLS has launched a poll to see how many simmers would want an FS2004 version of their A380. I got nothing else to say, read the whole story on AirDailyX.


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